Drupal is renowned for its content modelling abilities. It is easy to build out different content types with field and relationships to model content according to the requirements of the project. This structure gives rise to consistency and predictability. Content can be surfaced in automated ways using metadata and relationships. Drupal acts like a "machine", making life easier for editors.

However, flexibility is needed within this structure. The addition of components to a page is a helpful way to soften the edges of the CMS, allowing editors to tell their story and augment the power of Drupal with engaging content.

Over the years Morpht has developed a range of components. We are moving these over into Convivial for GovCMS to extend the standard components in CivicTheme. With that, Editors can take advantage of a wider range of components.

So far we have migrated:

  • Node list: Easy way to link to nodes with various displays and layouts
  • Item list: Flexible way to define custom items for rendering with displays and layouts.
  • Personified data: Fetch and transform content client side for personalised experiences.
  • Personified content: Transform content with data held in local storage for personalised messages.
  • Lightbox: Display media in a lightbox.
  • Gallery: Display images in an attractive gallery.
  • Timeline: Display time-based events in a connected vertical display.
  • Charts: Transform CSV data to interactive charts.

More components are to come as we continue with the build of Convivial for GovCMS.