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  • Features

    Convivial for GovCMS ships with editor and marketer friendly features for superior digital experiences.

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Getting started

Convivial for GovCMS - Your site up and running ASAP

Review Convivial for GovCMS

Take a look around this demonstration site and learn about the features of Convivial for GovCMS.

convivial for civic - extended components

Getting started

Government agencies can readily take advantage of the advanced features of Convivial and the design capabilities of CivicTheme. 

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Arrange a demo

If you think Convivial for GovCMS might be right for you, please arrange a demo with Morpht to discuss your project and how we can help. 

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Getting started


To assist you more effectively, please provide us with additional information about your situation and requirements. We will then walk you through a few questions to help you get up and running with Convivial as quickly as possible.

Are you a government agency?

Government agency

Australian government agencies have the ability to host their sites on the GovCMS platform and procure services from Morpht through the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel. You may already have a site on the platform or are looking to build a new one.

Do you currently have a GovCMS website?

Non-government agency

As you are not an Australian Government agency, you do not have the ability to host a website on the GovCMNS platform. This doesn't stop you from using Convivial CXP as it is possible to spin up Convivial outside of GovCMS on your hosting of choice. Please refer to the Convivial CXP(Opens in a new tab/window)(Opens in a new tab/window) website for more information on a non GovCMS solution.

You are not an Australian Government agency.

GovCMS customer

As you already have a GovCMS site, you will most likely be interested in uplifting the site rather than buildign a new one. Naturally you would like to retain the benefits of what you have already built by extending the site's capabilities. The good news is that for most GovCMS builds, it is possible to extend the fucntionality with features suchas as personalisation, recommendations and artificial intelligence.

What aspect of Convivial CXP interests you the most?

You do have a GovCMS website.

New GovCMS site

Awesome. You are interested in building a new site on the GovCMS platform and taking advantages of the features of the platofrm. The Convivial for GovCMS starter site can get you up and running quickly with a smart, good looking and standards compliant website.

What aspect of Convivial CXP interests you the most?

You would like to build a new website.


You are interested in the features.

Take the next step.

You are interested in features.


Content can be personalised.

Take the next step.

You are interested in personalisation.


Editors can easily build attractive campaign pages.

Take the next step.

You are interested in building campaigns.


Morpht, the makers of Convivial CXP, can be hired through the Drupal Services Panel.

Take the next step.

You are interested in procurement.

Learn more

Take a look around the site to learn more.


You have decided to book a meeting.