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Convivial for GovCMS is an advanced starting point for GovCMS8 sites.

Convivial for GovCMS

Convivial for GovCMS

An advanced starting point for GovCMS websites

Convivial for GovCMS is a Drupal 8 distribution, based on top of GovCMS8. It contains all of the standard features of GovCMS8 with the addition of a number of extensions aimed at making GovCMS even better. Hit the ground running with a site which can run on GovCMS SaaS, supports the Design Guide and gives editors a great set of tools to build sites.



Convivial contains many best practice features which are very useful on typical GovCMS sites. The following demo pages illustrate what it is capable of. Everything you see on the pages below has been achieved by an editor working in the node edit screen. No themers or developers were required to build these pages.

Standard page

Components are reusable widgets which allow editors to build flexible pages which contain a variety of rich content and functionality. Convivial ships with a standard set of components which have been designed to suit may of the common requirements of Government sites.
View modes
Standard page

View modes define how content is displayed in its various forms. Convivial ships with a wide range of view modes which give editors easy control how they wish to display content. This is particularly helpful for building out landing pages which need to highght content and link off to other parts of the site.
Standard page

Modifiers allow editors to change the presentation of content by altering the background, colours and other aspects of the content. No custom theming is required for these effects as they are all editor configurable.
Various devices
Standard page

Responsive images are images which are able to adapt to the device they are being shown in. They will change in size depending on the width and resolution of the device. Convivial ships with a wide range of different images and captions which are able to perform well in a variety of situations and devices.

Content example (demo)

Node List of example content, rendered with Basic Card view mode in equal columns layout.

Canberra, Australian capital territory

Use Event to reach your target audience.