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Convivial for GovCMS is an advanced starting point for GovCMS8 sites.

GovCMS8 Features

GovCMS8 ships with many features out of the box. The Starter theme provides users with a great starting point for being productive and compliant with the Design System. The Convivial for GovCMS theme, built by Morpht, extends the Starter with several new features providing extra functionality. 

Feature comparison

Feature GovCMS Starter Convivial for GovCMS
Content Types
Page Done Done
Blog Done Done
News Done Done
FOI Done Done
Events Done Done
Background Colour Done Done
Background Image Done Done
Background Parallax Done Done
Linear Gradient Done Done
Relative Height Done Done
Adaptive Height No Done
Radial Gradient No Done
Background Video No Done
Scroll Reveal No Done
Fonts No Done
Hide No Done
Padding No Done
Clip Path No Done
Accordion (paragraph) Done Done
Content (paragraph) Done Done
Node List (paragraph) Done Done
Item List (paragraph) Done Done
Section Layout (paragraph) No Done
Slideshow (paragraph) No Done
Circle progress (paragraph) No Done
Social Icons (block) No Done
Was this page useful? (field) No Done
Table of contents (field) No Done
Charts (paragraph) No Done
Embeddable Views (paragraph) No Done
Intro (field) No Done
Exclude from search (field) No Done
Page last updated No Done
Embeddable apps No Done
CTA No Done
Leaflet Map No Done
National Map No Done
ReadSpeaker No Done
View Modes
Small Teaser Done Done
Normal Teaser Done Done
Basic Card Done Done
Image Card Done Done
Summary Done Done
Search Done Done
Calendar item Done Done
Large Teaser No Done
UI Kit Starter theme Done Done
Configurable theme Done Done
Media Management Done Done
Bulk uploads Done Done
Faceted Search Done Done
Google Analytics Done Done
Metadata Done Done
XML Sitemap Done Done
Password Policy Done Done
GraphQL Done Done
JSON API Done Done
Workflow In progress In progress
Webforms Done Done
Responsive Layouts Done Done
Responsive Images No Done
Flexible WYSIWYG images No Done
Accessible Mega Menu No Done
Breakout (of container) style No Done
Bootstrap 4 version ( No Done
Layouts for lists
Full width Done Done
2 col Done Done
3 col Done Done
4 col Done Done
Alternating No Done
Theme additions
Sidebar styling No Done
Card styling No Done
External Link Done Done

GovCMS8 Features

Starting points

GovCMS Starter
GovCMS8 out of the box ships with a starter theme which implements UI-Kit and the standard featureset.
Convivial for GovCMS
The Convivial for GovCMS distro, from Morpht, extends GovCMS and the theme with extra features.

Content Types

Used for basic information and landing pages.
Used for listing articles in an ordered way suitable for feeds and updates.
used for news feeds to keep people up to date.
Used for FOI pages required for government reporting.
User for listing time based events in sequential order.


Modifiers allow the look and feel of content to be modified through the addition of vaious effects. Modifiers generally work with media queries to control how they wok at different breakpoints.

Background Colour
Set the colour of the background by specifying colour hex values.
Background Image
Set a static background image for content.
Background Parallax
Set a dynamic background image for content which moves when the page is scrolled.
Linear Gradient
Add a linear gradient in any direction, transitioning through two or more colours.
Relative Height
Define a relative height for content.
Adaptive Height
Define a relative height for content which will adapt to the content if it needs extra height.
Radial Gradient
Add a radial gradient, transitioning through two or more colours.
Background Video
Set a background video via videojs. Not suitable recommended for government sites.
Scroll Reveal
Define an animation for the appearance of items as the page is scrolled and content is revealed.
Add fonts to a page for use on content.
Hide content.
Define custom paddign for content.
Clip Path
The Clip Path modifier allows you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element to a basic shape (circle, ellipse, polygon, or inset).


Editors are able to author and build content through the use of components. Components may be implemented as paragraphs, blocks or fields.

Accordion (paragraph)
A collapsible way to display content with a heading.
Content (paragraph)
A simple way to add content in chunks.
Node List (paragraph)
A list of nodes which can be rendered with a view mode and arranged in a layout.
Item List (paragraph)
A list of paragraph items which can be rendered with a view mode and arranged in a layout.
Section Layout (paragraph)
A wrapper paragraph which can group other paragraphs and apply layouts to them. Useful when the page structure is complex and when modifiers need to be applied to multiple components.
Slideshow (paragraph)
An animated display fo slides. Not recommended for government sites.
Circle progress (paragraph)
Animated circles representing statistical data.
Social Icons (block)
Icons for the major social sites. Useful for sharing content.
Was this page useful? (field)
A form for collecting user feedback on the usefulness of a page.
Table of contents (field)
A dynamically created menu based on the content of the page. Augmented with smaooth scrolling to take the user to the content.
Charts (paragraph)
Various displays of data using the C3 library. Data can be consumed from an uploaded CSV or a URL.
Embeddable Views (paragraph)
A paragraph to embed dynamic lists of data, generated from the Views module.
Intro (field)
Display a introductory paragraph at the head of an article.
Selectively remove content from showing in search results.
Page last updated
Report back to the user key dates for the content such as created, updated and valid at.
Embeddable apps (paragraph)
Embeddable apps allow you launching rich media applications.
CTA link (field)
The call to action link with special styling displayed in Large Teaser view mode.
Map (paragraph)
A mobile friendly interactive map powered by Leaflet and GeoJSON.
Map (paragraph)
Displays catalogs of spatial items in various formats on the National Map viewer.
ReadSpeaker (field)
With ReadSpeaker webReader, the content on a website can be read aloud to you.

View Modes

Content can be rendered in different displays. iew modes cn be defined across the varius content types and other entities, leading to consistent results for rendering items on a page.

Small Teaser
A compact way to list items, generally with an image.
Normal Teaser
A standard way to list items, generally with an image.
Basic Card
A high impact way to display a card, with simple information.
Image Card
A high impact way to display a card, with detailed information.
A concise way to return data, no image is shown.
Suitable for showing search results.
Calendar item
List event items out in a calendar view.
Large Teaser
A bold way to list items, generally with an image. Works well in an alternating pattern.


UI Kit Starter theme
GovCMS8 ships with a Starter theme which implements UI Kit as defined by the Dsign System.
Configurable theme
A theme with configuration options to provide some flexibility to site builders who do not want to implement their own custom theme.
Media Management
A system to handle the uploading, filtering, editing and embedding of media assets.
Bulk uploads
A way to upload many files in one go.
Filter search results by a facet (aspect) of the data.
Google Analytics
Add Google Analytics tracking to the site.
Add standard metatags as well as Open Graph.
XML Sitemap
Enable a XML sitemap for inclusion in search engines.
Password Policy
Define a password policy for the strength of passwords.
Expose data via GraphQL.
Expose dta via JSON API.
Manage the transition of content through different states, controled by users with roles.
Collect, store and email data collected from users.
Responsive Layouts
Render the site with layouts which adapt to the screen size.
Responsive Images
Render images with adapt to the screen size and the pixel density of the screen.
Flexible WYSIWYG images
Add captioned images to content of varying sizes and float them left and right.
Accessible Mega Menu
Accessible mega menu meets all requirements for accessibility and is navigable using tab and arrow keys.
Breakout (of container) style
Breka content out of the container it is contained in and make it go edge to edge. useful on landing pages.
Bootstrap 4 version (
Enjoy all of the features listed on this page - just in Bootstrp 4 rather than UI-Kit.

Layouts for lists

Certain lists on the site can have layouts applied to them, transforming them from a simple list down the page.

Full width
Display node and item lists full width.
2 col
Display node and item lists 2 across.
3 col
Display node and item lists 3 across.
4 col
Display node and item lists 4 across.
Display node and item lists alternating. Works for teasers.

Theme additions

GovCMS8 UI-Kit Starter theme should keep abreast of UI-Kit theme, however, there are other features which may not yet be ratified which are useful.

Display sidebars as per examples on DT etc website.
Card styling
Display card view modes according to preliminary designs in the Design System.
External Link
Display an external link marker when a link points to a domain outside of the current site.