Why personalisation?

Your website users will benefit from viewing more relevant content that helps them discover what they are looking for or to complete the task they are undertaking. The key is to derive their intent at the current point of interaction to make their discovery faster and easier. The result? A better user experience and more trust and appreciation for the information you provide.

How it works

A proprietary client-side tracking service collects user behaviour data and summarises it into a user profile made up of various properties stored in their browser’s localstorage. This data can then be used by our Personified module to customise what is shown to the user.


User profile properties

  • Topic

  • Audience

  • Stage

  • Intent

  • Location

  • Language

  • Season

  • Time of day

Personalisation features

  • Custom tasks

    By using a user audience type, you deliver targetted priority tasks you know they would commonly perform.
  • Promotions

    These are content blocks that can be placed across the site to suggest the next best step or task, to remind the user or an action they meant to take.
  • Filtered content

    Content such as news, alerts and advice can be filtered by the topic a user is most interested in.

See personalisation in action

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