• Illustration of content


    Test section for content which links off to each of the content types in Convivial for GovCMS.
  • Illustration of view modes

    View modes

    This wide range of display patterns designed for all content types, enables you to craft engaging layouts and promote deeper content in a consistent way.
  • Illustration of a components


    Convivial for GovCMS ships with extra components above the standard set which ships with CivicTheme.
  • Illustration of colour palettes

    Colour palettes

    CivicTheme ships with light and dark variants. Convivial for Civic has been extended allowing editors to easily pick a none (default) variant as well as the light and dark ones.
  • Illustration of typography


    Test typography page demostrating WYSIWYG features with different backgrounds.
  • Illustration representation of Convivial Personified


    Convivial for Civic is powered by Convivial Profiler, a Javascript library which builds a user profile. Special "Personified data" and "Personified content" components make use of the profile to display personalised content items and messages.