Why Use AI?

Adopting AI services for your website empowers you to enhance content editing with tools for text generation, translations, summarisation, and more. This will help you save time and effort by streamlining operations and improving content quality.

How it works

We built the Augmentor module(Opens in a new tab/window) for Drupal as a pluggable ecosystem to connect to a variety of AI services such as ChatGPT, NLP Cloud, Google Cloud Vision, to make light work of tasks like:

  • Create content

    Prepare whole articles or generate summaries and keywords from existing ones.
  • Generate ideas

    Create outlines and headings for blog posts and articles.
  • Process images

    Extract descriptions, detect labels, extract text, or even generate images from text.
  • Transform

    Text to speech and vice versa, translations and grammar correction.

See it in action

Watch Murray Woodman present IA capabilities and demonstrate some of the features available to you now.


Latest news

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