Why campaigns?

Effective marketing campaigns can help businesses as they play a pivotal role in reaching untapped customer segments and amplifying sales. Campaigns can offer additional advantages crucial to a business's success, such as fostering enhanced customer loyalty, augmenting sales figures, optimizing return on investment (ROI), and refining operational efficiency. Convivial allows site editiors the ability to spin up a campaign landing page easily. 

How it works

Effortlessly construct adaptable campaign pages through the use of components. Leveraging our integrated design system components, site editors can promptly create and customize pages to align with their specific business requirements. Our no-code page layout tools and components provide the empowerment needed to fine-tune information for optimal engagement.

Campaign features

  • User and item recommendations

    Track page views along with a client id to make recommendations to users based on collective behaviour.
  • User profile

    Proprietary client side tracking enabling the collection of user behaviour data and then summarise it into various values which are stored into localstorage.
  • Smart content

    Select which block to show based on client state. Data, stored in localstorage or in cookies can be used to decide what will be shown
  • Personified

    Generate requests against your Drupal site to pull back the most appropriate promotion block with data provided by localstorage.

Latest news

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Flexible components

Components provide flexibility to page design and can augment the structure provided by the various content types.
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Useful content types

Convivial for GovCMS ships with a small but useful set of content types.