The challenges of designing a HCD component-based design system and Drupal 9 theme

An exploration of the design thinking and implementation details for the open source CivicTheme.

Train a Quickchat AI-powered chatbot with Drupal

A Drupal Sydney Meetup video on how a knowledge base can be maintained in Drupal to drive a GPT3 powered chatbot based on Quickchat.

13 ways to personalise your Drupal website

A DrupalSouth video on how Drupal can be personalised using Convivial Profiler.

An analysis of Government sites in Australia

A review of Government sites in Australia for site quality: accessibility, SEO, best practices, performance and security. Spoiler - GovCMS sites do quite well.

Personalisation with Recombee

An introduction to the new Recombee module which provides personalised content though the the Recombee recommender as a service.

Getting the most from GovCMS8 and the UI-Kit Starter theme

Morpht was engaged by Department of Finance to build the GovCMS 8 theme. This presentation walks through its features and approaches.