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Convivial for GovCMS is an advanced starting point for GovCMS8 sites.

About Convivial for GovCMS

Convivial for GovCMS is an advanced starter site for GovCMS with many additional features. It contains all of the standard functionality of GovCMS8 and then extends it to provide an excellent starting point for government agencies and other organisations who are looking to kickstart their site.

Convivial for GovCMS has been developed by Morpht, a Drupal Services Panel Supplier. Please contact us if you would like to get started with your GovCMS8 project,


Our aim has been to provide a starting point which can be used to build sites which are comparable to the best examples of government sites which have been based on UI Kit. This include sites such as the Health Campaigns, the DTA Beta site and the Health Beta site. We are aiming to take the best of breed concepts from these exemplar sites and then fold them back into Convivial for GovCMS.

Convivial for GovCMS extends GovCMS by implementing new plugins for layouts, modifiers and components. These extensions slot into the existing patterns of GovCMS and gives editors more flexibility to build beautiful, expressive pages which are standards compliant.


You can see examples of the various features on the Test page (standard GovCMS8) and the Features page (Convivial for GovCMS improvements).

Bootstrap 4

We have also built a Bootstrap 4 version of Convivial for GovCMS and it is feature compatible with the UI Kit version of the site. It is theoretically possible to switch this site across to a Bootstrap 4 theme with only minor variations, aside from the expected style changes that Bootstrap 4 will bring. If your needs do not include UI Kit compliance, then our Bootstrap 4 version may be of interest. More details to come soon.

Work in progress

Morpht intends to maintain and improve the Convivial for GovCMS site and theme. We will continue to incorporate best of breed features we see on leading Government websites, bringing these features into easy reach of agencies want to get up and running quickly with a GovCMS8 website. Please contact Morpht if you would like to find out more.